I’m Healthy and It’s Offending.


I sit at the lunch table, or any table for that matter, mind my own business and eat my salad or sandwich on wheat. Whether it is fast food or at home, I am going to find the healthiest option for my meal, but before I even take the first bite, there is usually someone around who is making a comment or a joke. It usually goes like,

“Rabbit food”

“Is it against your religion to eat a cookie?”

“Hey, you want my lettuce?”

I usually laugh it off or just smirk, but the closer I get to my goals and my healthy lifestyle the more offending I get to people. It bothers others I love my body and actually am mindful of what I put into my body.

How strange, huh? I mean I would get less lashing out if it took 30 minutes to choose a purse rather than my dinner.

Why is that? Why do my choices intimidate people? I’m not making jokes about your food or your morning routine. I choose to get up and run and you choose to get extra sleep. Guess what? I do not patronize you for getting extra sleep. I do not stick my nose up every time someone around me is enjoying fried pork chops or pie, but as soon as I sit down with my delicious pecan chicken salad, it’s uncomfortable.IMG_20150328_181947

My point is we should be respectful of people’s choices. Please, feel free to ask me or voice any concern you may have, but do not slander my lifestyle when it is moral, healthy, and freeing. I am working hard every day and you do not have to support it or even like that, but for those of us who are killing it in the gym or spending three hours to make our food, we take pride in this lifestyle. We love it and we have done our research and put in the hours. Just with any other activity, but this is our life. I’m not on a diet, I am living this way and I had to break down mental and physical barriers to get to this point. I do not hate who I am or my body, and yes I am growing more and more comfortable in my skin. I now have this beautiful appreciation for the body God created and designed for me.


I, and most healthy people, do not torment you for enjoying a slice of pizza or relaxing on the couch. If we do say anything, it is because we are concerned about your general well-being, not because we are offended or because we do not love dessert just as much as you. We love pushing our bodies to see what they can really do, we love experiencing life to the fullest, we love knowing we are feeding ourselves right, and most of all, we have the most respect for who we are and who others are.  We have found a balance in our life and we are loving it!


I wake up early and go to the gym, so I do not disturb others or so I can enjoy a normal routine without having “gym time” weighing on my mind throughout the day. I make my breakfast and bring my lunch for myself and offer you veggie chips because I find them delicious and they are good for you. I’m not sabotaging your goals, I just like sweet potatoes. I can go to any restaurant and out with my friends and find a wholesome meal to some extent. You do not have to change your plans or find a different place to eat.

I’m getting up before the sun rise to not interfere with others.

I’m bringing my lunch to make sure my meals are good with my goals.

I’m offering you healthy, delicious options.

I’m the one who has to spend 20 minutes to find a choice on the menu.

So why are you offended?


Just consider the negativity in your words the next time you make a joke about someone who is actively pursuing a lifestyle of self-love and self-improvement.

You got jokes about my “rabbit food”, but I will just sit here and enjoy it. Oh, and I will also enjoy this cupcake and not worry about it all going to my hips, because today is leg day and I need the CARBS for my glutes. 🙂


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