“You’re Doing Alright”

ba7f451737a5422a0d0e73b8f9aa205fYou know days when you wake up and you’re like “I am a BEAST! This day is going to be AWESOME!”?

Today was suppose to follow along those lines, but instead I woke up like this “How am I going to get all of this done? Do I have to do all of it? I should really stop wasting gas”.

Bummer. What changed? How did I go to sleep with incredible enthusiasm and yet, wake up with a huge cloud over my head?

When your feet hit the floor in the morning and all day long, you are in a constant battle with your thoughts and your feelings. If you wake up and DECIDE to flood your mind with only good words then your feelings can catch up later. The trick is to keep counter acting your negative thoughts.

We all have those mean and harsh thoughts throughout the day, but what is the difference between the people who are happy and the people who aren’t? The happy people do not believe everything they think.

For example, today I can name all of the mean phrases I said to myself.

“Wow, you did not meet your goal of saving money”

“You should clean out your truck, slouch”

“Don’t eat that bread stick just because it’s leg day”

“Oh, and you fail at being 20”

I’m not kidding. I keep track of my thoughts because can you imagine what would happen if I did not even ACKNOWLEDGE all of the horrible things I can say to myself? What would I feel if I let myself ACCEPT those thoughts?

Anxiety. Depression. Sorrow. Guilt.

See, the point is to come back with a POSITIVE and TRUE statement about who you are and what you are doing with your life.

“No, I did not meet my savings goal, but I have money in savings. I also paid all my bills and landed an amazing opportunity for the summer”

“I need to clean my truck, but I have a dog and a little hair can wait”

“I am made in HIS image and He created me as a beautiful being”

“No, I make mistakes, but those mistakes do not define who I am. I am doing just fine”

We were created by God for a purpose. The devil sometimes creeps in and reminds us of all our failures and short comings, but God says we are FORGIVEN and we are not to live in chains and burdens. It does not mean we will not ever feel uneasy feelings, but we need to arm ourselves with Scripture and Truth to get through the tough moments. I spent the entire day fighting with myself until I was at the gym and I looked at myself. I looked in the mirror and I asked God if I could please see myself the way He sees me. It was overwhelming because it’s when you care how you are doing and it’s when you fail, but keep going that matters.

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them”.- Genesis 1:27

My message today is this…

We mess up, we spend our money, we eat too much, and we love too little, but guess what?

You will be okay. YOU’RE DOING ALRIGHT.

I am not saying to accept all of our actions. I am saying to keep moving and leave the burdens behind. Stop worrying and stop remembering what God has forgotten. Do your best and give God the rest.

Enjoy the little encouraging tune 🙂

“If you’re keepin’ it simple then you make a big scene
If you’re doin’ your best and you make a mess of things
If you’re tryin’ if you’re cryin’ all that really means is
You’re doin’ it right”- Rodney Atkins


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