Be an Outlaw.




Barbwire; a symbol of confinement or oppression.

Two tangible feelings that pull at my soul. There is no doubt that some days the world just gets the best of you. I can read my bible, do what is right, and take many deep breathes, but I give in on occasions if I am honest.

They say that when you grow up you can be anything and do anything. They say this until you turn about 17 and then you begin hearing hints of the “real world” and the “real struggle”. No longer do you get to run and dream all day. There are standards to be met and wordly steps to take to achieve success.

What happened to my dreams?

Have you ever noticed how when you look back, there was a point when being the President was possible? Or how about becoming a dolphin trainer at Seaworld? Now, however, you have been told that you are not intelligent enough to be the President or working at Seaworld will not provide you with enough income.

You are not smart, but you need to make some money.

Confined to a world of mediocrity and oppressed for having a dream.

Graduate high school. Go to college for 4 years. Get a “real” job.

The 3 G’s to be successful.

Do not get me wrong, I believe with every fiber in me that one should strive to be successful and to be educated, but I do not believe that every person should follow the same path. I do not believe that the person who goes to school for two years is any less successful than the person who goes for 8.

Or the person who takes a year off after high school is naive.

Do something different than anyone around you.

We all have certain paths to take and what I am finding out that we all seem to start off on one path and slowly linger to another. Is that wrong? Not if you are pursuing something of value- something that gives purpose to your life and other peoples’.  God does not put barbed wire around our legs and then tells us to run.  He guides our hearts and gives wings to dreams if we have the faith to believe in Him. We have to come to the end of ourselves…to the end of the pasture… where there are no confinements- no restraints. We do not have to be confined, a prisoner, to standards of the world.

“When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.”- Nelson Mandela

Believe in yourself. Walk your own path. Take adventures. Stay Faithful.


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