I Dreamed of You.

“Do you believe in, you know, signs?”
“Signs? Like signals from the universe?”
I laughed, but I was serious. I walk through my days convinced that I have to be my own hero and make my own destiny. I never imagined that I could possibly share the responsibility with someone else besides myself. That someone may actually be interested in holding my hand while I take a stroll through life. So here I stand in a unfamiliar state. I asked for help to open a door that was for all I knew cemented shut, but he grabbed the handle- gave it a shake. The door popped open and his eyes met mine. My sign from the universe, that maybe I didn’t have to always open my own doors; maybe he was an open door.

“Didn’t I just meet you?”
“Yes, that we me”
And here he was, the next morning standing at my shop. A thousand places to be and he was here at the same time as me,again. A hundred people walk in and out of these doors and he has remembered my name-and the only one for that matter.
My sign from the universe.


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