29th Annual Alabama FFA DOLC 2014!


This past week I had another opportunity of being a part of Alabama’s District Officer Leadership Conference(DOLC), but this time I was not conducting the workshops as a State Officer, but as the National Officer Candidate!!! I drove from Clemson to the 4-H Center in Columbiana, Alabama to begin an awesome week of doing what FFA members do best: Staying up all night, rising too early, and delivering workshops! I arrived at 9:30 am and instantly we dove into the agenda!

Registration, rules, oh my!

The basics.

10450141_808830709141886_863194623993848924_n 10405224_808830222475268_6839801012859823733_n

After all the district officers were registered, the state officers began conducting their intense and interactive workshops. I had the privileged of opening the students up and getting them pumped! It was exciting being surrounded by energetic individuals who are eager to learn! The state officers facilitated workshops on agricultural issues, parliamentary procedure, leadership/team building, how to do a workshop, and SAEs/proficiencies. The theme was a luau and island environment. We also had flag raising ceremonies and reflection times.

I sat at one of the reflections as the state officers enlightened us. Reflections are a time to dive into who you are and examine your life. As I participated, I just could not believe that I was sitting in the same exact spot as I was two years ago and yet, everything was dramatically different. I thought about how beautiful life is when you say yes to the opportunities you are given, even when they make you nervous. I thought about the district officers and how all of them were full of a hunger for learning and to become influential. I smiled because they have no idea how much all of these workshops, friends, and advisers are going to have on their life. It was like looking into the past from an older version of myself. This time I was not concerned if I was going to mess up my part or if I was doing good enough. I was simply being in the moment and thankful. I even noticed that these workshops and reflections influence the teachers as well.


It gives me chills when I watch teenagers stand up and speak from the heart. Deliver fully engaging training seminars. Develop the mindset that they have a purpose and can be an impact.We all become close this past week and I am blessed to say that I got hang out with some super fun and incredible people. It’s always a blast when you get us FFA members together!


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