Millennials; Apathetic, Obese, and Stressed. Are We More?

We are the generation that crosses the line and knows not of boundaries. We have been praised and we have been shunned. Our beliefs make our parents nervous and defy our grandparents. We have lost touch with the simplicity of life and yet, we are making more of life. Our generation is notorious for being grouped as narcissistic and unappreciative. We want the money, but not the effort behind the millions. We want the praise, but not the rejection before the applause. Comfortable and tolerant, we are. We sleep too much, but some do not sleep at all.  We are concerned, but it takes too much to get us motivated. Described with words such as odd, individualist, and eccentric- let’s look at how the numbers describe us.

Take a moment to glance at these statistics of our generation.



We have $1 trillion dollars in student debt.

On average, each of us is carrying $45,000 in debt.

63% of millennials know of someone who has moved back home.


65 % of us agree that losing our phone or computer would be detrimental compared to losing our car.

44% believe marriage is outdated and unnecessary.

Only 14% live in rural environments.


40% believe blogging about workplace disputes is suitable.

56% of us say that we won’t work at a company if it does not allow social media access.

Regular office attendance is unnecessary according to 69%.


Millennials eat out on average 4 times a week.

1/3, from ages 16-27, are obese.

52 % of millennials are kept up at night due to stress.


According to the statistics, we are stressed, obese, and in debt and we do not care to do anything about it. Whew, I thought I was doing pretty good, but the numbers do not lie. Our generation is viewed as lazy and unreliable. We cross the line when it comes to our morals and our health. We are less informed about the government and our economy. We seem to be apathetic. Millennials, despite the raging reality shows, are less likely to aim for being famous. I am not saying this is a bad concept, but I am saying that in the same context, we are being stereotyped as being average. I remember when I was in 8th grade and someone directed a comment to our generation. They stated “You all are afraid to work. All you care about is your phones! You won’t be anything.”

Hmm.. That can hit deep to a 14 year old girl, but looking back I seemed to be the only one affected. Nobody else was furious that this person had just insulted our entire beings! We were being patronized and labeled as slackers!

We did not care, though. The same emotionless expressions swept across our face as we continued watching TV. My point is we are working more, but not harder. We are eating more, but less nutritious. We are sympathetic, but we are afraid to be moved.

Millennials know no boundaries in the areas of stress, money, and Netflix, but what about in school, work, and the family? I believe that average is a lie that we have fallen into.

“Save the dreams for the big people”

This generation has been designed for more than mediocrity. Ideas stir in our hearts and minds, but if we do not cross the line and ignore the limits then we will continue to be categorized as a “comfortable generation”, while simultaneously being described as the “most stressed out generation.”

Let’s take a stand for ourselves and our values. Let’s go to the office on a regular basis, but be home by 6 to eat dinner with our families. Let’s spend two hours a day in a tutoring session for that seemingly impossible class, instead of dropping the course. Let’s obtain 15 more minutes of exercise, every day, instead of the “freshman fifteen.”

We have weird notions, tattoos, and more video games than any generation, but we have passion, dedication, and desire. According to a few more statistics, we have much going for us. Let’s act like it!



88 % are hopeful about finding a new job.

Over 63% have a 4- year degree.

Average salary is almost 40,000


81% have donated money or goods.

We are going to be the most educated generation, ever.

61% feel that it is our personal responsibility to change the world.


By 2025, we will account for 75% of the global workforce.

84% agree that making a positive difference is more important than personal gratification.

15% are already managers.


Twice more likely to do yoga or meditate.

72% say they have worked out more than once this week.

Better access to all organic and healthier food options.


The generation of game-changers, extraordinary and unconventional.

We have another generation coming behind us.

Let’s set the standard and give them something to work for.



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