Why, Christian?

Why has he not heard about this?

Why has not one soul spoken of the grace?

Why are Christians the one he is afraid that will judge?

It is hard to carry the weight of being the influence.

It is not my job to save their lives.

But it is my job to influence their lives.


Honest words from my mouth reveal

That I cry on the way to school and home

Because I cannot save them.

I cannot break the walls on my own.

You grow close to people and you realize

 We could be the reason they don’t love

Our loving Christ.

Why are we hindering the Kingdom?

Why is the Kingdom not our priority?

Why have we kept from the love in our hearts?


Christian, It is not easy for us, because all eyes are on you.

We are the example,

But how hard is it, Christian?

If you truly believe in the faith then why

Do your friends not see a difference in you?

Why do they not know we live in a

Fallen World, but

Our sins are forgiven?

Why do they not know we are not

“being good”

Because we are afraid of going to


But because we

Love our Father.

Why have you not told them

That they are not an accident?


Christian, is your faith just something to promote?

Or is it the standard you live?

You breathe?

You are?

Is it a Facebook status?

 Or a bumper sticker?

Or did you open your bible this morning

And ask God how you were

To be His Servant?

And how you could be more of

An Influence?

Are you treating God like Santa?

Or are you living through the

Living God?

Is that Psalms shirt merely an advertisement

Or is it a lifestyle?


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