What are You Worth?


“Don’t let your special character and values, the secret that you know and no one else does, the truth – don’t let that get swallowed up by the great chewing complacency.”- Aesop

A person’s “worth” reflects his or her own thoughts and actions, but the other night I was kept up by the thought that maybe we have lost our perspective on worth. We associate worth with value and value is associated with a price and prices are placed on things. Throughout the day, conversations in our mind often consists of the statements “I am worth this” or “I am not with that”, but what is it that you are associating with your worth? Do you often feel negative about your worth? Do you feel absolutely positive about who you are and about the value that you have? If you do, then my question is do your actions coincide with what you are worth?

Are you worth the clothes that you wear?

Are you worth the house that you live in?

Are you worth the make up on your face?

Do we think so little of ourselves that we actually place our “worth” on materials that have a price rather than priceless actions?

Stay with me.

Are we worth the late nights that come without warning?

Or are we worth the hours we put into our work?

Are we worth the people we let stay in our lives?

Or are we worth the people we push out?

Are we worth the ridiculous thoughts that we allow ourselves to mediate on?

Or are we worth the words that we speak?

Why is that a plant, that does not even have a brain, can determine its own self-value and yet, we place our significance in possessions that can easily be manipulated or destroyed? A flower will not grow in infertile soil because it knows that it lacks something that the plant needs. The flower is highly aware that if it is not dormant in infertile ground then it will not grow to its full potential. I laugh at this concept because while plants will wait until conditions are right to grow and be prosperous- we settle and grow our roots in awful grounds.

You cannot put a price on values, morals, and standards. They are priceless and so are you. We should be saying

 “I am worth studying and making good grades”

“I am worth dating someone who treats me with respect”

“I am worth eating right and exercising”

“I am worth surrounding myself with people of higher morals”

“I am worth not lowering my standards for five minutes of fame”

“I am worth the effort I put into my career”

Your worth is not in your clothes, house, car, job, or gadgets. Your worth is in your motives, your actions, your values, and your standards.

Fight for your worth.


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