The Potential of Conversation.


          People underestimate conversations when they enter them. We assume that every conversation we dive into will be like the one we half way initiate while passing a stranger on the street. It is as if we predestine the discussion to have no substance and we give it no hope for leading anywhere. Forgive me, but my mind plays with the idea that each chat we embrace actually does have this stored potential to go in directions that never crossed our mind. A short phrase filled with simple words can turn your world into a place worth visiting. A few words can invite preconceived thoughts in and finally request them to stay. This is the feeling when a usual two response exchange of words transforms into a three hour life analysis session. For the first time in too long, you have a connection with not just a vessel, but a person. More than curious thoughts, this person inspires. He or she says the truths that you are afraid to say a loud and then it hits you. This person across from you knows, in actuality, all about this jumble of confusion that has invaded your heart, mind, and prayers.

                With each word that falls in line with your tangled emotions- you become increasingly aware of the sinking in your heart.  Not the kind of descending that drops immediately when your body goes limp after a tragic event, but more of a slow slumping that occurs when you realize a disappointing outcome could possibly surface. You begin to become aware that you are enjoying the company more and more. He or she speaks in this voice. What a surge of excitement when you can familiarize with the voice because it sounds like yours. You glare, both in astonishment and doubting belief. If only you had a map as you search this person’s eyes for sincerity.

                Somehow, this individual understands. Not in the way that most people try to fathom. No, he or she is not thinking of the best response to the situation. There is no attempting to walk a mile in your shoes. There is not a hint of sympathy; only empathetic reactions. What is put forth is genuine compassion because this person has walked the walk and taken the steps you wish to take. You are mesmerized as thoughts of the future and what ifs dance through the individual’s mind in rhythm with yours.

             Though, he or she is not quite sure if this song in his or her heart will lead to an opera performance or Sunday morning choir, but either way the anticipation of the journey is enlightening and the thrill of the arrival makes both hearts beat. You enjoy this. You refuse not to control this joy because for once, you do not have to explain the purpose of your life or fight for your opinion. You like the dancing in rhythm with someone else. It is you who is out of step and off beat with the rest of the crowd. The others have learned the secret to the waltz, but you cannot seem to catch on to their steps.

                Here you are floating around solo until this person steps in and all of a sudden, both of your moves match up and it works because you both hear the same song. You follow the beats; the beats of your hearts. For once in your life, you are in rhythm.



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