FFA Lesson: Be Happily Exhausted

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If FFA taught me anything, it is about how to become happily exhausted. Usually you do not see those words side by side,  but that is the only way I can describe how you feel after FFA events! My toes act like they are going to be curled up forever from walking in high heels all day long, like we FFA ladies do. My calves burn from running from block to block, whether I am in Indiana or Montgomery because everything is in “walking distance”. On some days, we were either emotionally drained from the excitement and stress of officer interviews or we were frazzled due to the delegate process. In FFA, you begin work early and you end it late. Mornings consisted of waking up at 5am or 6am and making sure we looked our best. Our skirts and shirts were ironed. Our panty hose were without holes and our tally whackers were tucked in. We would recite or write speeches at breakfast and then hurry off to tackle our daily agenda. This could include workshops for hours on end or meeting with the USDA or ALFA. The evening would come and we would only be half way through. Competitions, officer workshops, legislative meetings, and conventions leave one tired FFA member, but at the end of the day we find ourselves smiling. How or why? We go to bed with the satisfaction that, though our day was long, it was filled with meaningful productivity and that somehow, we hopefully made an impact. FFA taught me that idle work is not rewarding and if I am going to work for something then I better work hard for a good cause. At the end of the day, would you rather be exhausted and unsatisfied or does it pay off to labor to your best ability and to be able to rest your head knowing that you had a fulfilling day? Life is going to push us to the point of exhaustion, but what kind of exhaustion will you be pushed to?


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