FFA Taught Me “Happiness for Others is the Best Happiness”

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As people, we have those moments where we doubt ourselves or we wonder if we are actually up to the challenge when we strive for a dream or to just be better. I remember the day a good friend of mine came to me inquiring about a decision she was considering. We were sitting in the computer lab and she wanted my advice. I could tell she was in turmoil because that time last year, I had been in the same position, but I also remember the gleam on her face when she conversed about running for a North District Officer. That expression of the enthusiasm someone has when they are telling a dream of theirs is priceless. That is one of the best feelings I now enjoy.

Seeing someone else be all that he or she can be.

Seeing someone else happy.

FFA taught me that we are at the service of others and that we must work to build people up. Every single person has potential and even though we all have different potential for different areas, every person shines in a certain way. We cannot force someone to live up their true talents, but we can encourage. Throughout FFA, as a team and as an individual, I have learned that being happy for someone else is a crucial trait in becoming a person of service and of leadership. Whether you are genuinely congratulating someone who just beat you in a competition or you are crying tears of joy because you just watched one of your best friends achieve a dream, being happy for other people is truly one of the best lessons to be learned!


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