The Person in the Mirror.


           nikkilucy          What do you see when you look in the mirror? Why is it I feel most like myself when I am face to face with a thousand pound animal? The truth is an animal only perceives us as we are. They feel no need to hide their opinion of us and they are relentless when it comes to being honest about how WE are acting. They take us at face value and love us anyway. When I head out to the pasture or you go to walk your dog, I can almost bet you do not check your lipstick or make sure your socks match.


 Let’s be straight, we could care less about impressing our dog or horse.

 We already know they are just happy to be with us and we are happy to be with them! We do not worry about their opinion of us; unlike we do with the rest of society.

Here is the kicker.

We look at people and assume. We assume that who we are looking at is exactly what we see. But do we not all have our own individual thoughts that stir in our own minds? Do we not have a personal voice that talks to us as we go about our normal routine? But what if that voice that whispers to you is a terrorizing voice yelling at me. It is a voice that nobody else is allowed to hear because then people’s perception of you would change.

People’s perception of you”

In truth, we base our perception of ourselves from what others perceive us to be. We value their opinion more than how we view what we see in the mirror.  If a coach says “You should not play sports”, a part of you would question if you were athletic; in reality, you could just not be good at that particular sport or you could not have the proper training, but this is where a personal belief system of who you are comes in to place to confirm or deny yourself.

Your value and your identity do not belong to some other person. Your belief system and identity has been clearly stated and confirmed; therefore make sure you are listening to the correct voice. God does not wish to condemn or create overwhelming guilt in you. Though, the devil schemes to point out our every flaw and causes great feelings of insecurity, which can throw us off track, but if we hold tight to our belief system that God has set before us then we can attack this spiritual warfare and fight for who we are in Christ!

My wonderful friend Michael Lewis puts it this way, 

“I submit that the truth is found in Jesus Christ and the word of God. If you look through the point of view of your own designer, you see that you were made in the very image of perfection. But what you will also see is that there is something inside of your heart and mind that is not working right. When you see yourself the way God see’s you, you realize something that you have always missed; reality. You are wonderfully and fearfully made, and yet you still fall short without Jesus Christ. Whenever I make a self-perception, I want to see myself the way Jesus see’s me. Because the way Jesus see’s me is the truth, despite my self esteem and the standards of society.”

Write the truth on your wall, your hand, your dash board, or wherever you need that extra reminder. Surround yourself with the truth about whom you are and who you are to become. We all allow lingering feelings of inadequacy, but we do not have to give into these moments. When these emotions emerge-justify who you are with The Word!

IMG_6015[1]                         IMG_6014[1]


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