Writers Write. Speakers Speak.–>Public Relations!


I have had the incredible opportunity of working with inspiring ladies and gentleman over the past six months. These individuals opened my eyes to what the life of PUBLIC Relations is all about. In my mind, I have came to the conclusion that Public Relations is somewhat of a glamorous career. Writing well-known articles, interviewing elites, and dressing in office attire sounds exciting, but I quickly found out that there is MUCH hard work and so many little details that do not appear on the surface, but nothing could be achieved if they were over looked. Here are a few helpful tips I have learned from the top floor 🙂

     1.  Details determine success

-Plan, Plan, Plan!

-Review every detail

-Have a mock situation to prepare

      2. Be a good writer

-Proper email etiquette

-There is a difference in journalism writing and essay writing

-Know the old fashioned way to write a proper letter

-When proof-writing, try reading the paper backwards

3. Be a STRONG communicator and relationship builder

-Be friendly and approachable:)

-Be genuinely interested

– Watch your body language

– Do not underestimate the ability to speak publicly

– Be the image you wish to perceive

 4. Learn, Learn, Learn!

-Be informed about your project, industry, or client

– Be flexible and open-minded

– Use your spare time wisely—–> Read information that is relevant!

Quotes from the office 🙂

“It is not the size of your office; it is the quality of your work.”

“I could die tonight, at least I want them to know I tried my best.”

“You can write someone’s speech word for word and they still may choose to say what they want.” 

“Learn all you can and be confident in your path”

“You may not get the glory, but you get the satisfaction”

Also, This website—> Levo.com<—- offers spectacular information! 


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