The Hard Part

"The hardest part about being a Christian is watching the people
you love 
not love God.
You sit up in your bed at night pleading to God 
for Him to come into their 
You try to show them that they can change 
or open up 
or just have a 
taste of grace.. 
Filled life. 
Yea, while they're sleeping
You are distraught because literally 
every part of you 
aches for them
to have a life of joy and hope
and faith and love.
You love them so much,
but it just feels like they won't budge. 
That's the hardest part about being a Christian.
It's not getting up early for church.
It's not going to functions when you need to study.
It's not studying your bible.
It's not always doing the right thing. 
It's loving people 
and realizing you may not see them when this life is gone. 
It must be pure sorrow 
for God 
to look down 
and realize this too.
That some of his children
may not come home..."

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