High School- Make it MORE!


Walking out of school one evening, I remember feeling an emotion that had not been around for quite a while. This feeling was passion.  Vice-President of the FFA at my school, we had just wrapped up an energetic meeting filled with agendas, committees, and Career Development plans!

I had found it unusually inspiring and on that evening I decided my life needed to be different. Instead of continuing my love/hate relationship with softball, which I had battled since the kindergarten days, I would be solely committed to FFA! I packed away my cleats and uniform then put on my high heels and official dress!

Unfortunately, I also remember walking into the same school and having this wonderful declaration shot down.

Ran in the dirt.

Smashed into pieces.

“Your priorities are wrong!”

You don’t know what you’re throwing away!”

“You’re ruining your scholarship opportunities!”

In these moments you have a choice. You can settle for the safe or you can try the trivial. Thank the Lord he gave me the knowledge to know exactly what I did not want for my life and the courage to take a stand for what I did.


Romans 12:2- “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

To an extent, we all know a little about the transformation of a caterpillar more than likely. The caterpillar eats and eats until it full grown then it becomes a pupa. The pupa enters into a state of metamorphosis until it transforms into a butterfly. When the pupa is transitioning, it can seem like nothing is going on from our point of view, but we know that big things are happening inside of its cocoon! It is growing legs, eyes, and remarkable wings! This is important because while the caterpillar’s job was to eat and grow, the butterfly’s job is to find a mate and lay eggs. If it did not have its wings it could not fulfill this objective because caterpillars cannot travel far.

In high school, I leaped out of my cocoon and grew my own wings, but more than that I discovered we all have wings.

Now from an outsider’s point of view I can see how easy it is to mistake our high school years for the time to just “get by”, but your high school years are also the chance to create a life path and purpose.

A chance to test the wind and fly.

An opportunity to make a statement and I believe as long as our “statements” are for the best and are positive actions then who can dictate what we need for our life ? I believe in working hard, being diligent, and acting with purpose, but I know for myself that if we are actively pursuing something that feels absolutely wrong then we will not live up to our potential and we can even develop bad habits that can derail our success.

Making that change was hard as a freshman and it was not an easy journey. People can be ruthless  when your vision is blurry in their eyes. Through the choices I have made and with the help of incredible supporters, I have traveled to great places, met incredible friends, earned scholarships, learned priceless skills and life lessons, and discovered a true love for my school, community, and state.  I found a passion that I would have never came across if I had not listened to God when he pulled me in a different direction.

Who knew America’s #1 fear would be my passion? Not me!

But that is what happens when you trust the lord with your life and pray about your future. It will be hard, especially in high school. You may be ridiculed and even seen as “having your priorities out of line”, but be persistent and the Lord will provide. You cannot always do what everyone else is doing and I know you have heard that before, but it is one of the most valued lessons to be learned.  You have your friends, family, coaches, and peers that literally have an influence on every step you make. This can be awesome because YOU NEED PEOPLE in your life, but sometimes we have to step out alone. It is hard. It is scary.

It is worth it.

Take the time to evaluate what God truly wants from you and then walk out the door with a new fire in your heart to make a change and be an influence. We all have places where we fit and we should dedicate ourselves to our niche! There are people that need you. We are all connected and when we pursue our purpose, we inevitably inspire others, even in high school. I encourage you to make it more than drama and four walls. Use this time to transform into who Christ is calling you to be.

Get out of that cocoon.

Use those wings of yours to fly.

Make it more.




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  1. What a beautiful story! In this very moment I was struggling with letting go of something that “people” think I should be doing, so I could focus more on what I know God wants me to do. What God is calling me to do doesn’t make sense to many. Like you, they think if I let the other thing go I am letting go of a potentially great future. Thank you for confirming what I know God has told me to do. I pray you continue to follow Him and not the crowd. You will inspire many by doing so. Proverbs 3:5-6

    • I am glad that God could use me to inspire you. I pray that whatever you are struggling with you will become at peace with. 🙂 God has a plan. Pray for the wisdom to do his will and he will reveal it. Be brave and press on!

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