The art of conversation.

get-attachmentPeople are bound to wonder about you eventually.

If one thing is for certain it is that people are genuinely curious about each other’s to-do lists.

Not exactly sincere in their intentions, but curious, undoubtedly.

Therefore, she was not surprised when he asked “What kind of adventures have you been on?”

She lowered her eyes and stirred her cream filled coffee. He had a lifetime full of grand tales and unusual circumstances and he expected an answer that would match and while she carried similar memories around in her heart… She couldn’t help but think her idea of adventures were less limited than those around her.

Why, she had at least 6 adventures before she skipped out the door this morning.

Glancing up to his eager grin, she wittily inquired “Every hour is an adventure. What kind or how many is irrelevant as long as I have them. Which day interests you?

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