No Time for a Tree


Laughing, I ignore your remarks, but inside, pieces of my heart crumble to my feet.

I insist that you walk with me

There is not much more of this arrogance that I can take

My hand glides the tough exterior of a Sugar Maple

This species is known for decorating our houses with fine hardwood pieces

But I also ponder out loud the fact my existence would seize without its aid

There would be no oxygen for us to breathe

No food for us to eat

Somehow, you have better items on your agenda to cross out than to worry

About a tree

Crossing a field of blueberries, I reminiscence to my mother’s delicious pie

I consider the apples and oranges I hoard before the harsh winters cause them to die

I question about the dinner you gathered from the store

This brings out bragging of green beans and corn and how tonight you will serve steak

And much more

There will be a salad decorated with tomatoes, cucumbers, and the best romaine around

Rolls that could feed an entire town

You crafted homemade sauces full of herbs

Sweet tea quench your thirst and brownies are saved for dessert

Oh, that sounds like a marvelous feast, indeed

But if no man tended the fields day after day

Then my friend, you would go to bed starving

With nothing on your plate

For the cows provide your milk, meat, and hide

Chickens produce your eggs for your omelets and cakes

Cotton supplies garments and pillows where you lay your head

Children are educated with our pencils, paper, and desks

And your prizes from the mall

Agriculture could give you them all

Why then are you proud of your boasting?

You disown the very necessities that keep you going

I am saddened by your unawareness

Your confident in your unknowing

God placed us here to care for the earth and its marvelous creatures

This element shows that there never was “just a farmer”

Maybe someday you will walk conscious of the arithmetic and art that the land dwells

Maybe ignorance will run dry

And your heart will hear the secrets that the

Agriculturalist longs to tell


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