Wise Words of AG Educators :)


“Tuck in your shirt! What were you thinking?”

“Excuse me, that is not how you shake a hand.”

“The cedar trees on the rocky cliffs learn to adjust to their environment. We can learn a lot”

“ I will take pictures of everything because I want to remember all of these experiences. You should value your moments.”

“You should get to know the people around you. They all have a story to tell”

“As advocators, we do a poor job at telling our story”

“Learn how to conduct a meeting if you don’t learn anything else”

“You can’t legislate morality, you can’t legislate common sense, and you can’t legislate health. People are going to do whatever. All you can do is try to influence and guide. You can’t force”

“We cannot be fear motivated”

“To succeed at a FFA CDE is to prepare for Career Success- everything else is just a game! That’s my comeback line.”

“Never overlook an opportunity”

“It is about the students and I plan to keep it that way”


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