Rewriting History- It Ends Here

When we become Christians it is the most incredible and exhilarating adventure you will experience, but soon after as our old self dies- we realize that we are no longer of the family we were born to, but we are part of God’s beautiful and forever inviting family. Our hearts of stone become alive like flowers on the first day of spring and our blind eyes now see the beauty of all creation, but also the hurt. One of my favorite bible passages, Ezekiel 11:19, reminds me of this on any given day. We take hold of our PURPOSE to show God’s endless love and to give back like we never could have dreamed possible, but how do we fulfill this purpose? That always seems to be the question. We know we have one and we know God will provide, but actually taking that single step over and over again is what can delay our actual tread towards action.

        As I have grown in my faith, I have had more and more questions about my purpose and I’ve taken note that I am not the only one. Does being a Christian mean I have to stop everything I do? How do I keep from going back to the fleshly version of myself? Do I have to become a missionary? We have all of these questions because we want to make a difference.

We want to give back.

We want to give God our best.

All of these questions and Ephesians 5 reminds us that we have little time to take action and make the most of our opportunities.

They should not be wasted.

For me, finding my true purpose was not as obvious as looking back it should have been, but I can’t help, but wonder if it was because I was trying to completely erase history and not change it or even map out a future journey that would not lead myself, or others, down the path people who have came before me paced down.

Have you ever heard of delayed gratification? It’s when you suffer or go through a period of “denying yourself” to receive the ultimate reward. An example would be if you chose not to eat fast food for a week therefore, you would have money for a more upscale dinner on the town! We practice delayed gratification quite a bit, but what if your purpose was a direct example of delayed gratification?

It is for me. This realization appeared this past summer while I dined at my all time FAVORITE coffee shop, Coldwater Books. While I read some of Joel Olsteen’s quotes, I came across a quote that talked about how your purpose may be to change someone else’s future.IMG_5829[1]

Wait… I’m suppose to use my life to change someone else’s future? Someone who may not even be born yet?

Yes! It was as if all of heaven opened up and God rejoiced as I finally figured it out! Almost humorous because I have always been the black sheep in my family(on both sides). Somehow, I have gone against the grain in my own way. I have rejected certain traditions and habits and found my own way. This whisper in my heart seemed to always guide my footsteps. I quickly began to notice the obvious calling and how It could be up to me to change the future generations.

To break the bad habits.

To resist the temptations that so many have given into.

To not hide from my true potential.

No pressure!

This became an increasingly serious matter as God made known to me certain patterns I am not to continue and it is hard because I believe certain traits and characteristics can be passed down to us and when your calling is to create new characteristics then this is, to say the least, a challenge. In all of our lives, we have been taught certain habits and even inherited many of them. Some of us are prone to headaches, high blood pressure, obesity, and many other illnesses. We struggle with envy, addictions, anxiety, and double- mindedness, but have you ever thought, let’s say in that moment of anxiety when every part of you says “I can’t do this. I have no energy. No, just not today”, that if you were to just face that challenge that it may eventually diminish over time. If you said no to that anxiety then someone else down the line may not even be asked about it. A choice for you today may not even be an option for them tomorrow!

Consider it.

You may rewrite history.

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