Where’s the Passion?


Where’s the passion?

My right hand friend

Where’s the breathtaking horizon?

Done with playing pretend

Broken on my knees, but all I feel is peace

You’ve got my attention

God, I’m listening

I’m putting pieces together

Is there something I am missing?

Lord, my heart is open

You’ve got my attention

It feels my world has just been exposed

I’m seeing more than just me

Everything is upside down

Oh, I thought there was nothing more

Hands lifted high- like I was never scared before

Cause I’m not comfortable with complacency

The lord made me new

So I’m begging for sight

For all the beauty created by you

Created by you

I’m cowering from the rain

But I’ll give it a chance

I taste it on my skin

And I decide to dance

The lord made me new

Made me new


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