The Plane Ride.


Sitting in the holding area, waiting for your plane, brings feelings of impatience and solitude. You’re anxious and tired, yet hopeful and adventurous.

This plane will take you places that your eyes have never seen. Boarding time approaches and you realize there is no turning back.

This is it.

The engine roars and shakes your entire body and the force from backing out of the gate leaves you breathless. Right before the aircraft dismisses from the safe ground- you glance back.

As if to hold on to that view that is now far behind.

What if the chance to see it again never comes? Thoughts ponder around in your mind, but be careful not to stare too long at what has already been gone for awhile. You may get trapped and frantically decide to exit the place out of fear of leaving.

That is the result of at staring items of the past for too long.

But when the plane finally does separate from the ground, you somewhat relax and cannot help but notice that the person in the next seat up has drifted off quickly into a relaxing slumber.



But not you.

You are in a state of awe, due to the view of the city underneath, that is now just squares creating the quilted landscape. Cars and trucks pretend to be play cars with no real intentions of a destination, but for a moment you predict and toy with the different ideas of the lives that are directing those vehicles.

Who are they missing?

Where are they going?

Why are they here?

Your focus was lost, only for a moment, when the dancing clouds brought directed your focus back to the beauty of take off. Emotions that lead to an exciting and terrifying experience as you are thousands of feet above safety and comfort, but amusement and sympathy overflow your pounding heart as you realize those left on the ground will never know the clouds in a personal way.

Terrifying it is… because realization that you have little control, after you made the decision to get on this aircraft, just emerged. The engineer who brought this flying machine to life and the pilot, who you trust studied his life away in air school, now control your future.

But what about all of the uncertainties?

The unexpected?

The turbulence out of the blue throws you off course.

It shakes your insides and leaves you in mass confusion.

A storm forces the pilot to reroute and the journey is further delayed.

But in the same way, a flight-attendant brings you an extra round of snacks that cures the gnawing of your hunger.

A stranger in the seat across the aisle confides in you for reassurance.

The lady in front who was sleeping is now awake and full of adventurous tales.

The unexpected.

The uncertainties.

Will you ever make it to your destination? I imagine that the only answer at this point is to rely on the hands and skills of the engineer and pilot.

Trust that they will guide you.

Trust that the plane is fully equipped.

Trust that this marvelous machine is able to lead you in your life’s journey.

I mean… plane ride.


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