Normal is Make Believe.


I am in disbelief at the realization of how scared of ourselves we can be. We all have something unique, but we are afraid of just how “strange” we are that we do certain actions we convince ourselves are “normal”. That is the most ridiculous thought that has ever crossed our mind. There is no such thing as normal. There is no direct definition that sets an example or a standard. There are things “of the norm”, but that’s just because we tend to do things in routine.

We do not understand or we do not want to understand things that differ from our day to day. I do believe we choose our ignorance on most days. It’s like a test with yes or no.

A or B.

We tend to choose the safe answer or the one that seems to make the most sense in terms of comfort. We “casually” glance around the room and see what everybody else is marking, but we do this discretely because we wouldn’t dare be caught coping. I am amused because we are terrified of going against the tide. We have this strange anxiety that we may actually have all the right answers, but we continue to follow the crowd. We continue to look around the room for the commonly marked answer.

They insist on us being ourselves. They push it on us to have a stand out factor. We must do this up until they declare us weird because we have been taught weird is wrong.


We have to be different, but not so different that we make a scene? If we were to cause a scene then the punishment would be to label us as outcasts.

Outcasts to a world full of diversity.

I am not offended.

So we take a stab at a society that wants us to conform to its trending habits. We take a step back and began to rely on our own way of thinking. We decide that our “strange” ways of sitting in the rain or staying up all night or having a genuine conversation with someone we may never see again is not so bad after all.

Our eyes are open and we are alive.

We sit back in amusement and then sadness because we found that some people believe they are living in a state of normalcy.

But we know there is no such thing.


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