Matters of the Heart.


A heart should not be allowed to break on its own terms. You should make it wait. That is what I practice with my own.

This pumping muscle of ours requires time to calm down

Or fire up; therefore, late at night when we are all alone I slide in the saddest movie in my barren collection and battle the chill with a sweatshirt that falls just below my knees.

Then my heart and I hide away to discuss the issues that has been developing. An issue which appeared to be nothing, has danced in.

Disguised as treacherous eloquence it was.

But the morning continues to creep and eventually emerges through my stained window. I must explain to my anxious heart that is is a new day and it must forget the secrets of the previous night. We will decide at a later time if another desperate session is needed, but in this moment, we must throw aside the relentless emotions that poke and jab.

Those have to submerge into a treasure box deep within and be jailed. Room for feelings that hug and embrace has to become available.

In here and now, there cannot be an “all about persona”. The world cannot afford anymore selfish demands, but we must be as if the next person that we brushed against were somehow put specifically in our way for us to influence.

To encourage.

Is that not what the world needs more of?

We must only show our hurt if it is helpful in relating, but never in ego-centrism.

Who knows, though.

One person may come alone and be genuinely interested in the matters of my own heart. There are those who have this remarkable sense of sympathy. My heart and I would have to, of course, weigh out the pros and cons of opening up and if we both agreed to share our most desperate portions then, oh, how marvelous!

For someone has came along as the very person you set out this morning to be! What a beautiful exchange of fellowship!

But if someone does not come along or if there is a delay in community then my heart and I will press on. We will continue our journey and with all hope, expose a few people to an awakening sunset and a comforting sunset then when all is said and done, we will crawl into bed at the end of the day with a cheerful aspect. I anticipate that the deeds we took on today enveloped into my heart, but we both know you can only go so long without acknowledging your own longings.

We must come to terms if we want to continue pursing this passion for the world that is invading.

So, when the world is quiet at night and you only see the stars or the glazed midnight sky, my heart and I will be mulling over what is infecting us. To figure this out we may converse or just have a cup of tea or even pray rigorously to our heavenly creator. After all this has passed, we will crawl into bed, but first, because I freeze, I will grab my over sized sweatshirt and place it over my trembling limbs. The bed will inquire my name.

I’ll take that movie that I refuse to watch with others because it hits somewhere personal and slide it into the disk player. My heart will smiles because I imagine to an extent this is therapy and it knows that I will allow it to be exposed for the time being. We feel as if the writer who poured his soul into the script somehow knows us directly; therefore, we soak up every word in every scene.

All is quiet, due to the fact that sometimes no words are ever needed in a moment of healing.

Just you.

Your heart.

And the letting of the issue at hand to submerge and crawl out.

A moment of solitude can cure the matters of the heart.


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